Armi Model


Armi Maket founded by Arif Ünlü who graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University , has been offering clients with the most accurate architectural models in the industry since 1988.

Our company, which is also the producer of the scale models made for Miniaturk project, provides services in a workshop of 1000 sqm through its computerized and a 3D modelling device, as well as CNC machines, computerized laser machines, wide workshop machines, painting tools and equipment and knowledgeable and experienced staff of 25 people. Polyurethane, polyester and acyclic plates are used in the production of the scale models.


Upon completion of the projects, the works will be separated into the components by using CAT-CAM programs, and each component will be modelled in 2D and 3D by providing all details. The parts modelled will be shaped in three dimensionally on CNC machines or will be cut in two dimensionally on laser machines or laser-marking will be applied.

The parts produced will be installed and painted. On demand the model will be illuminated internally. The land will be created by engraving the three dimensional model to be prepared on computer, from the block polyurethane on CNC machine, in a way that will be exactly the same as the real land, reflecting all movements on the land together including the roads, settlements of the buildings and natural and arranged elevations. This will enable the land to become exactly the same as the real land.

Upon completion of all installation, painting and illumination processes, the model will be completed ,protected by transparent material and delivered according to the landscaping project.


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